tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Time to think!

I admid it, I'm a scrapaholic!

I have stamps that I've never used, more paper than I'll ever use, and when I see something awesome or beautiful on a blog, I'm thrilled when there's a link to a store or a name so I can check it out and maybe get the same thing for myself!

I have to do something about this.

I saw this great counter on an awesome blog that belongs to the ever so talented and smart Lou and I copied her idea! I'm not a fast cardmaker, so I gave myself the goal of 50 cards before I buy ANYTHING except glue and some Copic markers!

I'm also going to get better at commenting on blogs, I'm copying that crafty resolution from Lou, since it's such a great one; I know how much it means to me, and I always intend to do it...

Check out Lou's blog here and se her beautful creations, and hopefully some of mine here later with lots of cool stuff I have stored away in drawers and boxes!

Thanks for stopping by / takk for at du tittet innom!
Hugs Cecilia / Klem Cecilia 

1 kommentar:

  1. Hi Cecilia
    You have such a beautiful blog. I've just been having a nice look around and your cards are gorgeous :)
    This is such a fab idea, I hope you can manage it!
    Thankyou for the sweet comment on my blog. It really made me smile :)
    Hugs, Rachel xx


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