søndag 10. november 2013

Prozart 2013; part 3

My mind keeps drifting back to those amazing days in Czempin, Poland, and I find myself smiling. I love thinking about all my new friends, people that I'm already looking forward to seeing again. I enjoy thinking about the workshops and the new techniques I learned, the beautiful wild animals and birds, the walks in the forest and around the pond, the evening around the open fire and I love the thought of coming back next year and seeing everybody again.

The third workshop we had was with Czekoczyna aka Kasia Krzyminska , and it was so much fun and such a great, educational, inspiring and fun workshop - just the way I like it! 
We got awesome papers, embellishments and water colors to play with, and I had the best time! I used another of the great pictures that Marcin took on the first day of the event and this is my result:

Kasia is just one of those people that you instantly fall in love with. She is sweet, gentle, humble, incredibly funny, generous and immensely talented. And she is such a great teacher, I so hope she'll be back next year for another class or that I get a chance to watch her magic somewhere else. You can also see her on Live with Prima shows on ustream! Check out her blog here, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you Kasia, for making ProzArt even more memorable! <3

Since this is my last summary from ProzArt, I'm including some pictures to try to show how interesting it was and some of the wonderful people. 

So long Czempin, ProzArt and all my new friends! See you in 2014!

Thank's for stopping by! Take care!
Hugs Celia 

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