lørdag 9. november 2013

Prozart 2013, part 2

I've been trying to figure out what it's going to take for me to actually use my blog more and post more often, and I've realized that it's actually a quite obvious answer; make it simple! 
So from now on, I'm going to write in just one language, and since pretty much every one that reads my blog understand English, that'll be the language to use. 
I'm also going to stop watermarking my pictures, as this is (to me) such a time consuming thing to do. I'll just put all my trust in people and hope that no one copies the pictures or uses them as anything other than ideas and inspiration.  
I might be writing something about what I've created, and I might not - that'll depend on how I feel about writing that day, but I'll probably write something.. Maybe just something about the weather, or whatever is on my mind.

Another thing I've figured out is that I want to use more sketches and inspiration blogs for my projects, although I haven't quite gotten around to it yet. 
The reason for that is that every time I start looking online for an idea, I end up not making anything at all. I just end up in cyber-I-wish-I made-nice-things-too mode, and all my creativity drains out of my body, so I really really have to learn to JUST look at the sketches/inspiration photo and then START! 

I do feel that this'll come one of these days, and I am a patient girl, so I'm waiting!

Now - here's my first 'simple' blog post. 
This is the second LO I made in Czempin, Poland at the Prozart event. This one in Finnabairs class.
(I'm still amazed by the fact that 4 days and in many ways, such a brief encounter with new people, can make such a huge imprint in my heart and soul. I miss the people, the place and the atmosphere…)

I love the details, the colors and the fact that in every class I've taken with Finn, it's actually 8 all together now, I always love the result! She is such an amazing teacher and person, I recommend anyone that likes mixed media to take one or two of her classes.

Take care, and so long! 
Hugs Celia

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  1. It's a lovely lay-out Celia! I'm on the look-out for some products we used in the workshop with Anna, I'm really looking forward on experimenting with it! Never thought I would look forward on making a mess :-) The other pictures you made at the Prozart weekend are beautiful to, is it a annual event?! Miss you! Greetz, Carmen

    1. Thank you so much, Carmen! Making a mess is so much more fun than I realized, too. Once you start it's hard to stop. ;)
      This year was the first of ProzArt, but we cross our fingers that it'll be the annual happening. If so, I hope to see you there. Miss you too, sweetie! Hugs

  2. Såååå nydelig denne var:-))
    Tydelig at du har vært på kurs hos Finnabair. Det måtte være litt av en opplevelse. Hun er jo så flink.


    1. Tusen takk Sylvia!
      Ja, kursene hennes er ufattelig inspirerende og morsomme.
      Klem fra Cecilia


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