mandag 11. november 2013


I travelled to Poland in August with two girls from Norway that I hardly knew. Actually I had never met Linda, and Yasmin and I worked together for a short period at Bikuben, and I had taken a few of her classes, but I didn't really know them, so you can imagine my stomach had some butterflies when I drove up to Gardermoen. 
It turned out that the butterfly ordeal was totally wasted, because we had the best time, both in Poznan with separate hotel rooms and in Czempin where we shared a room. 
I could easily travel with these girls again!

Here is a page in my Art Journal with a photo of my friends and me. 
I believe it was right after this page was done that I realized that AJ is my new favorite thing!

I brought my Instax camera and I got a lot of sweet pictures! Is it possible to fall in love with a camera? I think maybe it is.. 

Take care and so long!
Hugs Celia

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